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52 Lick-Up: Episode 13 - A Tomboy in Distress
Sniff Sniff!  Max's nostril's flared as he approached the wharf area, immediately being struck by a new and remarkable scent. SNIFF SNIFF! After sniffing in deeper, Max pinpointed the exact location of this scent, prompting him to start bounding on toward it, barking as he did.  
As it turned out, the scent was that of Maron, who had returned to the wharf once again due to wearing a bikini and figuring that was the only appropriate place for her to be, not once thinking that it would make her an open target again.  When she heard Max coming, she gasped and stared in wide-eyed amazement as the large sheepdog rounded the corner and began charging straight at her.
"Aaaaaaaaaah!" Maron yelped, turning and running as fast as she could toward the ocean, with Max in hot pursuit.  The beautiful blue-haired girl's butt jiggled as she ran, which only made Max all the more excited to catch her.  
Dashing into the water, Maron stopped running entirely and tur
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Hinata Hino Motivational 2 by DogPoundMan Hinata Hino Motivational 2 :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 3 27 Toby + Yuno Gasai 2 by DogPoundMan Toby + Yuno Gasai 2 :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 0 15 Krypto + Alexis Luthor by DogPoundMan Krypto + Alexis Luthor :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 1 32 Toby + Misa Amane by DogPoundMan Toby + Misa Amane :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 1 13
52-Lick Up: Episode 12 - Ash's Ploy
Ash Ketchum was grinning as he approached Max with a backpack in hand, which belonged to Misty.  Despite being good friends, he and Misty were constantly bickering with one another, and so he had been eagerly anticipating this part of the competition when he signed on to be a dog handler!  "All right, Max!" he said as he placed the backpack down in front of the sheepdog, "Take a whiff!"
Max's nose moved across the backpack, sniffing quickly and deeply.  The shaggy fur over one of his eyes lifted as he looked briefly astonished, as the human scent lingering on the backpack smelled amazing to him.  And then he began to pant and bark excitedly, jumping up and down while Ash laughed.  "You like how Misty smells, huh? Wonder how she tastes? Probably goooo-ooood! So go and get her, boy!"
Max gave an affirmative bark and bounded off in search of Misty.  Since the backpack had been dirty, he was searching for the scent of Misty's skin dusted with dirt...which was
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52 Lick-Up: Episode 11 - Some Strong Scents
Gwen Tennyson walked to the area of the estate where Max presently was.  Hands cupped around her mouth, she called for the sheepdog rather boisterously. "Max! Here, boy!"
She then spotted the big, gray furry mound rapidly running towards her and she was tackled to the ground by him.  Max pressed his slobbery tongue flat against Gwen's cheek and began licking it energetically. "Haha! OK, Max! OK! I'm glad to see you too!"
The dog let Gwen stand up and dust herself off.  She then smirked when she looked upon the large canine, knowing that he never forgot a scent. With a mischievous glint in her eyes and an eyebrow raised slyly, she asked the sheepdog "So, Max! Do you wanna help me track down...Charmcaster?"
The response was more enthusiastic than Gwen could have hoped for. Max gave several booming barks in response, panting and running around in an excited circle. The excitement was infectious, and Gwen wanted to push it to the limit! So she decided to egg the dog o
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52 Lick-Up: Intermission 3
The camera cuts to the Handlers' Quarters, where all the dog handlers are assembled.
"So," Milly says, "Which contestants are still 'left dry' at the end of this day?"
"Only 8," Basil observes, "With there being the same explanation for each pair.  Misty and May entered an alliance from the start, and have somehow been helping each other in alluding the dogs.  C.C and Green are fiendishly clever, and outsmarted the dogs.  The pixies Tinker Bell and Crysta are small, thus not easily detected by the dogs' noses.  And as for Larxene and Tron Bonne, they were simply too fast."
"Larxene's fast naturally," Roll Caskett chuckles, "Tron, on the other hand, is only so fast because she's so freaked out by dogs and desperate to avoid getting caught by them!"
"She's a pirate, right? A sky pirate?" Peter Pan asks, "I think I can find a way around her speed and get her caught!"
"Then make that your first priority tomorrow," Selphie says, "I'll be thinking of some way around the L
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Zelda Motivational by DogPoundMan Zelda Motivational :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 2 11 Rinoa Motivational by DogPoundMan Rinoa Motivational :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 2 10 Yuffie Motivational by DogPoundMan Yuffie Motivational :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 2 17 Shinka Nibutani Motivational by DogPoundMan Shinka Nibutani Motivational :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 0 10 Dark Magician Girl Motivational by DogPoundMan Dark Magician Girl Motivational :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 6 10 Misa Motivational by DogPoundMan Misa Motivational :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 2 13 Kurumi Motivational by DogPoundMan Kurumi Motivational :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 2 15 Junko Motivational by DogPoundMan Junko Motivational :icondogpoundman:DogPoundMan 6 21
52 by DogPoundMan

This Summer, I'll be putting up a new series of stories based on this premise: 52 lovely ladies are being placed in a reality show type of event in which they will stay in a large kennel facility where any special abilities or powers they possess are cancelled out and several big dogs are sicced on them.  They have to do their best to avoid being sniffed out and licked by the dogs, with the final judgement and rewarding being made based on how many dogs caught them, how many times they got slobbered over, and how well they handled it when it happened.  What will the final ranking be?  Who will be the biggest winner?  Who will be the biggest loser?  Find out in 52 Lick-Up!

Airu Suzaki
Alexis Luthor
Alice May
Asuka Langley Soryu
Euphemia Li Britannia
Junko Enoshima
Kallen Kozuki
Mary Jane Watson
Mimi Tasogare
Misa Amane
Nui Harime
Pamela Isley
Patty Larceny
Relena Peacecraft
Rinoa Heartilly
Tea Gardner
Tinker Bell
Tron Bonne
Ume Kurumizawa
Vivi Nefeltari
Yuffie Kisaragi
Yuno Gasai


Ash Ketchum
Barbara Gordon
Basil of Baker Street
Detective Ivy
Gwen Tennyson
Hinata Hino
Kyoko Kirigiri
Mickey Mouse
Milly Ashford
Officer Jenny
Peter Pan
Prince Eric
Roll Caskett
Ryuko Matoi
Selphie Tilmitt

Table of Contents:
Episode 1 - Who Let the Dogs Out?
Episode 2 - Reactions May Vary
Episode 3 - Scents and Sensibilities 
Episode 4 - Slobber with Heart
Intermission 1
Episode 5 - The Jackpot
Episode 6 - The Day in Full Bloom
Episode 7 - Good Girls and Bad Girls
Episode 8 - Woofers at the Wharf
Intermission 2
Episode 9 - Dog in Disguise
Episode 10 - Repeat Performances
Intermission 3
Episode 11 - Some Strong Scents
Episode 12 - Ash's Ploy
Episode 13 - A Tomboy in Distress


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